Tales of berseria

Tales of berseria

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Tales of Barseria – about the game

Tales of Berseria deals with complex topics in a related way, such as betrayal, revenge, and how pain can inspire our worst. This makes it shine and is a step in the right direction after getting rid of disappointing passions. However, Berseria still makes mistakes in rhythm and dungeon design. Even so, I like to turn to a darker story, which makes me think a lot during the journey – even after the journey.

Berseria focuses on Velvet, a woman who has witnessed her tragedy. A devastating event took her over the edge and embarked on a journey of fatal revenge. The opening is strong and severe, explaining why Velvet has become such a strong person. She is not the typical protagonist of a story full of good deeds; she just wants revenge, and most of the time she is completely cruel and cold in the process. I think this is refreshing, because even at the worst of Velvet, because the game sets her backstory, I still have a good impression of her. Berseria has many twists and turns that I will not spoiler, but Velvet met other inappropriate people, and they found corruption because their world was occupied by demons.

Although revenge stories are not a new field of storytelling, it still helps to construct critical moments and make them relevant. Berseria is at its best when it shows the reasoning behind your allies’ actions and develops them in interesting ways. For example, watching a character without freedom slowly becomes himself is a bright spot. You have a lot of scenes and dialogues that need to be converted. This is a slow process, but it’s worth it. I’m not even sure how I feel about the actors in the first 10 hours of the game, but the reward lies in how they grow and change.

When you are not in contact with your team, you are on the battlefield. The action-based combat system has a lot of depth, and new wrinkles are constantly being introduced into the journey. Combat is to use the enemy’s weaknesses and chain combos. Everything revolves around a soul plan, which runs out with your attack. I like to develop a strategy around this because it forces me to make the most of my every move. If your soul slot is low, your attacks will cause less damage, be easier to defend, and make you vulnerable to counterattacks. This means that sending spam to the attack button is not in your best interest. You can restore the meter by idle, or you can steal souls from enemies to refill it by stunning them, applying status effects, or defeating them, but be aware that your enemies can also do the same.

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