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Summertime Saga – game info

When you start the game, you will be asked to choose a name for your character before continuing. All you need is a name, because this is what other characters usually call you during the game. When the game is still in alpha development, you will be able to choose from “clean games” or “enable cheats” games with no advantage, which will allow you to start with unlimited money and be able to skip mini games and have maximum statistics.

This page takes you to the first moments of the game, which explains the background story of your character and the current situation.


Your father recently passed away in a suspicious accident when he was 40, leaving you an orphan. The police investigated the nature behind your father’s death, but did not come to a conclusive result. You have been attracted by an old friend of your father, and he is now under pressure from some scammers due to the debt that your father is alleged to owe.

Today is the first day you return to college after your father’s death. Then you will wake up and prepare for the first day of return, where you can control and start exploring the world.

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