Shadow of the Tomb Raider

Shadow of the Tomb Raider

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Shadow of the Tomb Raider – about the game

Lara Croft traveled to Mexico and destroyed a Trinity cell with Jonah Maiava. While traveling through a dangerous cave, Lara was trapped, despite her Managed to get rid of myself. While climbing the return path, Jonah radioed Laura to inform Laura that a distinguished guest, the leader of the Trinity, Dr. Pedro Dominguez was coming.

Lara found the site Trinity had already found. Laura took pictures of the scene for future study, and Jonah also joined her. While inspecting the exquisite stonework, including the damaged part of the boulder, Laura accidentally triggered the explosive left by the Trinity, causing the temple to collapse and escape. During the Day of the Dead, the two returned to the town of Cozumel. Laura tells Jonah that she has inferred that the clue points to Peru.

Trinity Dr. Dominguez is looking for a temple in the city. Laura followed him through the town and finally into the nearby jungle. Finding another entrance, Laura found a room inside with a mural depicting several catastrophes, tsunamis, storms, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. Laura found a ceremonial dagger and realized that this was exactly what the Trinity was after. Jonah urged her to reconsider in case something bad happened. Lara intercepted the Trinity transmission near Dominguez. Laura picked up the dagger impulsively. The sudden shock caused part of the mural depicting the tsunami to collapse. Laura realized that she had made a mistake. She called Jonah on the radio and warned him to go to higher ground.

Laura went out to fight with a group of Trinity soldiers. A soldier caught Laura by surprise, and she dropped her dagger. Dominguez arrives and tells his men not to hurt Laura. He also asked him for the box, but Laura ignored him and said it was safe. Dominguez realized that Lara did not have a box, and rebuked her for her behavior, telling her that she had started the end of the world, and Dominguez and his men left by helicopter. Laura was horrified to see the tsunami hit her. She managed to reach a higher place. She found Jonah and told him that they need to go to Peru now, otherwise Dominguez would get the box first. Jonah yelled to Laura that they need to help the trapped first. People, then do anything, and then leave Laura shocked by the damage she caused.

After trying to get a plane, the two went to Peru, near their destination, a second disaster struck, a storm, and caused their plane to tear in half, separating Laura and Jonah, the plane’s Both parts crashed. Laura woke up, and after finding some equipment in the part of the crashed plane nearby, she walked through the dense jungle. Laura received a message from the pilot that he also survived the crash and went deep into the jungle. She found that the pilot was dead and eaten by the Jaguar, and Laura focused on it before being attacked by the Jaguar. Both of them left, and Laura moved on. Later she met the jaguar again. She killed one jaguar and the other took the body of its mate and left. Soon after, Laura found Jonah, and the two began to search for civilization. While trying to pass through the collapsed entrance, Laura was attacked by the Jaguar again. The Jaguar severely injured her back, but she managed to kill it. Laura and Jonah camped overnight.

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