Darkest Dungeon

Darkest Dungeon – about the game

Darkest Dungeon is a role-playing game in which the player manages a roster of heroes and adventurers to explore these dungeons and fight the creatures within. Prior to entering a dungeon, the player can use facilities in the game’s “hub-town” near the mansion to manage a roster of heroes and inventory. Each hero belongs to one of fifteen character classes, and has their own statistics and skills that can be upgraded over time. If a hero dies while exploring a dungeon, that hero is lost for good.

Once the players complete their preparations, they will choose four heroes to explore a procedurally generated dungeon. The combat encounters are conducted in a turn-based manner. A core element of Darkest Dungeon is its pain system, which shows the hero’s stress level or determination. Many factors affect the suffering in the dungeon, such as taking risks without food or light sources, witnessing the death or injury of teammates in battle, or blight inflicted on them by the enemy. Uncontrolled stress levels will gradually interfere with the character’s behavior, such as being frightened and unable to fight directly. Allowing heroes to reach extremely high levels of stress will cause them to have a heart attack, and if measures are not taken immediately, they will be on the verge of death. In the dungeon, stress can be relieved by camping or other restorative items provided at specific locations and returning to nearby towns.

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