Bum Simulator

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Bum Simulator – about the game

Bum Simulator for PC Windows is a humorous simulator that allows players to see the life of the homeless. The game is developed by Ragged Games and published by PlayWay. In the game, the player plays the role of an American citizen who will one day lose everything and live on the streets. The game provides a lot of freedom in shaping the fate of the protagonist. Players can, for example, accept their fate and learn how to live like a tramp or try to find a job and take revenge on the person who caused the situation. You can even become a local legend.

Although the title contains the word “simulator”, Bum Simulator for PC Windows has nothing to do with realism. The developers have created an interesting arcade sandbox that proposes a half-joking approach to the life of homeless people. In the game, players observe actions from a first-person perspective. The world in the game adopts an open structure, allowing players to explore freely. These locations are densely populated, with interesting characters and activities that players can complete. In the game, you have to focus primarily on survival-to do this, you can use some of the special abilities of hobos, including begging, collecting cans, building cardboard sheds, training pigeons, and learning the mysteries behind alcohol alchemy. All this is presented in a humorous way. Therefore, during the campaign, the player can, for example, solve the mystery of the rat living in the sewer.

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